BigOldBoy invites the entire Duke Community for a dinner party!

BigOldBoy is known as that guy in your community older than everybody else. He doesn’t have the youth and doesn’t really hang out with you, but he shows up in your community and is respected by everyone. He is a great figure within the community, and to celebrate his upcoming 55th birthday, he would like to invite everyone to his birthday.

‘That’s right, we’re going to have a big old dinner party!’ Says the Canadian Duker. ‘ Since I love dinner so much, I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my community at a dinner party. Everybody is allowed to bring something, we’re going to play Duke and once you’re losing, you can say that dinner is ready and eat something. That way you’ll always have an excuse ready.’

Many Dukers have already responded positively and are bringing either a dish or a drink. ‘Nicksta is bringing Kangaroo meat, Lance got the Vodka department covered and Noldor and Alexis are making burritos! Nick and Craig from the UK have already said they’ll bring beer, but if you don’t like alcohol, lucky you. Fran said he will bring coffee with him so there is something for everyone! I myself will have my wife make dinner for me, so I can pull out of a game at any moment during the party to eat something. As a true Canadian, I can have dinner 90 times a day! That’s why they call me ‘Biggy’.’

So come all! Bring your favourite dish or drink and let’s play some Duke Canadian style!

Bob at a typical Canadian dinner.

Bob at a typical Canadian dinner.

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